I met hims at percy's chapter 1 life's ferver

I Met Him at Percy’s | Ch. 1

I set about making my life simpler, to remove uncertainties and move on with my life in an orderly way. Leave it to me to create the most complicated situation, impossible to resolve or get out of. 

I had the perfect life; my parents loved me, my siblings were always kind and I married a darling of a man. But where he excelled at providing and kindness, he lacked in emotion. The words “I love you” were obviously true, but to the naked eye and without any context, the average person would dismiss it as a formality before bed. That was the routine. There wasn’t an ounce of conviction in him, everything was just as acceptable as anything else, and the only passions he had were for things he could do with the same nonchalant face with which he did all other things. 

You could say I was lacking passion in my life. Still, I was happy. I wasn’t ever one to want too much affection. I sleep on my side of the bed and I like to have my alone time. But I am also passionate, and I had no outlet. That is until I met him.

Four Weeks Ago

“Do you want coffee?”

That’s how he started all of his morning talks, and I said no. But to be honest, I did want coffee – I just didn’t want that coffee, our coffee. I was bored and tired of the same things every day. I grew distant from our own possessions. He said, “okay” and left for work, leaving me alone to contemplate the blandness that had become my life. But still, I wanted that coffee.

He wasn’t gone more than ten minutes, I made up my hair in the usual morning messy bun and splashed the essence of no-effort makeup on my face and headed for Percy’s, a French café in downtown. The day was pleasant, the perfect sweater weather for an autumn day, and the sun was still present enough to counteract the occasional sharpness from the breeze. It felt like it was going to be a good morning, but, the whole ride from home to Percy’s was a massive headache. I hit every red light on the way, ran over two potholes, and my phone fell off of its windshield holder, cracking its screen as it flew directly into the gear shift. I had changed it the week prior to a metal one, of course, all change has always come back to bite me in the ass. 

By the time I made it to Percy’s, there was no parking and I had lost my urge to drink coffee anyway, but, I’m stubborn. I made it all the way here, I was going to drink it even if my mood made it taste sour. 

The parking space I was able to nab was two blocks down, I could use the walk to cool down, and I did feel better by the time I made it to the front door of Percy’s. There, to my amazement, there was a tall guy standing at the door, holding it open for everyone like some kind of pay-it-forward good deed. When it was my turn to go in, he held the door back. 

I met him at percy's life's ferver coffee shop cafe. Cafe door in a cozy, brick-face cafe.

“Sorry, you can’t enter.” he said.

“Why not?”

“Only people with smiles on their face can come in, you’re not smiling.” His mouth grinned wide as he held the door away.

“If you had the kind of morning I had, you wouldn’t be smiling either.” I told him, daring him to keep a stern hold on the entrance. 

“Well then, maybe I can help with that. How does a coffee on me sound?

That was actually an appealing proposition. I was never one to turn down anything free. If just the coffee was what came from this situation, I would be fine. But, he had other things in mind. 

“There’s a catch though, you have to enjoy it with me.”

Everything in my body was telling me to leave. It wasn’t worth it, I kept telling myself. But his pearly smile and sandy brown hair were like magnets to my eyes. I could not help but to wonder what it would feel like to be underneath his muscular hands, the big hands with strong veins exuding manliness from his every touch. I gave in and I tried to justify it by saying it was just coffee, coffee in a crowded place. What could possibly happen?


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